Human Resources


Munters is a global company with ambitions to grow organically and through acquisitions. The corporate culture focuses on customer requirements and demands. The commitment of employees to meet these requirements form the basis for Munters’ continuing growth and development.

Career opportunities and incentive programs

Munters offers employees considerable opportunities to broaden their work assignments and develop in their professional roles. They are encouraged in various ways to take on new challenges and make a career in the organization. Meanwhile, Munters seeks to recruit internally when new positions are to be filled. Vacancies are advertised so that employees can seek positions in various companies within the Group. To facilitate employees who are considering switching jobs, there is the potential for dealing confidentially with the application. In addition to the development opportunities for highperformance individuals a Munters, a structured program of incentives and variable pay exists at different levels in the company. These programs are aimed at clarifying goals and priorities, putting a premium on performance and keeping part of the company’s payroll costs variable. In the case of executives, variable pay is based on sales and profit trends, capital turnover rate and other strategic goals.

Increased coordination and competence sharing offer more development opportunities

Munters’ operations and organization are in transition. A number of initiatives are under way to enhance processes and systems support, create shared tools and strengthen cooperation across company boundaries. The change offers a series of new opportunities to develop as part of a fastgrowing global community. During the year, global initiatives were implemented in purchasing and product development departments in which employees from various parts of Munters’ operations cooperated and jointly achieved excellent results.

A career with Munters offers opportunities to work worldwide. The culture promotes personal initiative and development. Munters Continuity Planning work tool permits the matching of the company’s requirements for various skills with employee ambitions in terms of career and personal development. Employee surveys are undertaken continually in Munters’ operations as part of the improvement and development programs regarding HR issues. Every second year, a global Group-wide employee survey is conducted from which the results are compared with other companies.

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